RBMS Electronic Discussion List

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How to Subscribe to the RBMS Electronic Discussion List

One subscribes, unsubscribes, and manages one’s account by going to: http://lists.ala.org/. You must first establish an account and the server will assign you a password that will be emailed to you along with instructions for changing it. If you wish to change it, please use a low-value password that would not compromise you otherwise if it were discovered by a third party. After your account is established, follow the link to “View all lists,” and then open the RBMS link.

If you encounter any difficulties subscribing, contact the Moderator, Marilyn McClaskey, at m-mccl@umn.edu.

Posting Policies for the RBMS Electronic Discussion List

The RBMS list is the official electronic discussion list for the Rare Books and Manuscript Section of ACRL, which serves as its host. It was established in September, 1996, hosted by the University of California at Berkeley. In December, 2005, it was moved to servers hosted by ALA.

The RBMS electronic discussion list is devoted to matters concerning the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), a division of the American Libraries Association (ALA). The RBMS list is unmoderated and membership in the list is open to anyone who wishes to join. Although all RBMS members are encouraged to subscribe to the list, one need not be a member of RBMS, ACRL, or ALA to belong to the list or to send messages to the list.

Due to ALA’s tax exemption as a 501(c)(3), ALA resources cannot be used to support or oppose any candidate for public office. Nor can they be used to link to other sites that contain such support or opposition. Neither can ALA’s resources be used to suggest or support boycotts or to make defamatory remarks.

Because it is a list devoted to RBMS, the list accepts postings relating to that topic only. Among acceptable postings are:

  1. Official RBMS, ACRL, or ALA announcements;
  2. Agendas for RBMS, ACRL, or ALA meetings;
  3. Minutes of RBMS, ACRL, or ALA meetings;
  4. Discussion of items directly related to the business, operations, policies, or philosophy of RBMS, or ACRL and ALA, as they affect RBMS;
  5. Opinions about the operations, philosophy, and policies of RBMS, including this list;
  6. Announcements about items or documents being mounted on the RBMS home page.

Some items of interest to list members might nevertheless be unacceptable for posting. Some of these items might be more appropriately posted to the Exlibris discussion list. Topics not acceptable for posting on the RBMS electronic discussion list include:

  1. Any commercial activities, such as announcements of items for sale or the availability of catalogues;
  2. Any questions about books, manuscripts, and other special collections materials. Such questions might include those about bindings, exhibitions, conservation, bibliographical points, or cataloguing questions that do not relate to the content of RBMS business in some way;
  3. Any long printed RBMS/ACRL/ALA document (e.g., Guidelines). Such documents should be posted to the RBMS web site, which is specifically intended for such items;
  4. Any general discussion not explicitly related to RBMS business. Many government decisions, for example, might affect RBMS activities or philosophy in some general way. Unless the discussion can be related to RBMS in some specific way, however, it would not be welcome on the list;
  5. Announcements of available positions;
  6. Any message with an attachment, other than files of the type .doc, .docx, .txt, or PDF.

Accessing the Archives

The American Library Association provides an interactive browsing and searching interface to the archives of the RBMS Electronic Discussion List that can be found at http://lists.ala.org/sympa/arc/rbms.