DCRM Steering Group

The DCRM Steering Group (DSG) is using a public wiki to document its work. The wiki site includes meeting agendas, minutes, and background documents. Access the wiki here: http://dcrmsteeringgroup.pbworks.com/

Status: Standing subcommittee of the Bibliographic Standards Committee.

Charge: To provide an ongoing mechanism for focused collaboration across the constituent DCRM manuals. The DCRM Steering Group will consider matters of consistency and quality within and between the individual manuals, as well as on issues relating to DCRM as a whole. Steering Group members are expected to engage in close reading of manuals in advance of publication, and to serve as a resource to the various editorial teams.

Membership: A convener, one representative from each DCRM editorial group, and other members as desired, not exceeding ten members.

Comment: The steering group is expected to make decisions on editorial matters, and to identify and bring larger issues to DCRM-L and other forums for community discussion on cataloging of rare materials. The frequency of meetings will vary according to need: the group is expected to meet more frequently while manuals are in preparation or revision. Substitute members are expected to participate when needed, so that a manual is not left without representation, whether in meetings, close readings, or other tasks of the Steering Group.

Experience recommends: Synchronous video meetings, with advance distribution of discussion documents, are more effective than either synchronous voice-only meetings (such as conference calls) or asynchronous electronic discussion (such as email or blog).

DCRM Steering Group members

  • Deborah J. Leslie, Folger Shakespeare Library (convener) – DCRM(B)
  • John Attig, Pennsylvania State University – DCRM(B), JSC
  • Erin Blake, Folger Shakespeare Library – DCRM(G)
  • Randal S. Brandt, University of California, Berkeley – DCRM(C), DCRM(S)
  • Francis Lapka, Yale University – DCRM-RDA Task Force, CC:DA
  • Nancy Lorimer, Stanford University – DCRM(M)
  • Elizabeth O’Keefe, Morgan Library – DCRM(MSS)
  • Manon Théroux, U.S. Senate Library – DCRM(B), DCRM(C), PCC