DCRM(M): Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Music)

dcrmmCurrent status

DCRM(M) is available online as a free PDF.

PDF formatted for 8 1/2 x 11 in. paper:

Front cover (color): http://rbms.info/files/dcrm/dcrmm/cover.pdf

DCRM(M) will be added to LC Cataloger’s Desktop soon!

History and background

The scope of the rules developed for publication as DCRM(M) was originally intended to cover early printed music (from the beginnings in 1501) through the supplanting of movable type by the engraving process. However, the JTG soon decided that the manual would cover all forms of “historical” music publishing, including engraving and lithography. The JTG then decided that DCRM(M) would also include rules for cataloging manuscript music from 1600 on. It is important to recognize that this scope covers music that falls into the purview of the MARC 21 Music Format (Leader/06 coded c or d), meaning printed or manuscript notated music in score format; not music without notation or incidental music found within textual works.

For additional background on the process of developing DCRM(M), please see the JTG website: http://jfletchr.bol.ucla.edu/DCRM/DCRM_opener.htm and the DCRM(M) Close Reading wiki: http://dcrmmclosereading.pbworks.com/w/page/65980337/DCRMM_CloseReading_FrontPage.

Previous drafts

Final Revisions: May 17, 2015

Version: 5D 2013

Version: 5B 20120514

Version: 5A 20100426

Version: 5A 20090529


Parallel rules
DCRM(M) Parallel Rules Overview ALA Midwinter Dallas 201201 (pdf)
DCRM(M) Parallel Rules Additions – Rule by Rule ALA Midwinter Dallas 201201 (pdf)
DCRM(M) Parallel Rules Comparisons ALA Midwinter Dallas 201201 (pdf)
DCRM(M) Parallel Rules Analysis Table ALA Midwinter Dallas 201201 (pdf)

Public hearings/review
Progress report ALA Midwinter Philadelphia, January 2014 (pdf)
Issues for discussion ALA Annual Anaheim, June 2012 (pdf)
BSC comments on DCRM(M) June 2010 (pdf)
MLA comments on DCRM(M) May 2010 (pdf)
DCRM(M) review April 2010 (pdf)
Considerations for review of DCRM(M) ALA Annual Chicago, July 2009 (pdf)
Questions/Topics for discussion ALA Annual Chicago, July 2009 (pdf)
Overview of DCRM(M) status MLA Pittsburgh, March 2007 (pdf)
Questions/Topics for discussion MLA Pittsburgh, March 2007 (pdf)
Overview of DCRM(M) status ALA Midwinter Seattle, January 2007 (pdf)
Questions/Topics for discussion ALA Midwinter Seattle, January 2007 (pdf)

Copyright issues
Copyright position paper 200806 (pdf)
Background on treatment of copyright dates in DCRM(B) 200901 (pdf)

Joint RBMS/MLA Task Group for Developing Rules for Rare Music Cataloging

  • Jain Fletcher, University of California, Los Angeles (RBMS) (chair)
  • Nancy Lorimer, Stanford University (MLA)
  • Robert Maxwell, Brigham Young University (RBMS)
  • Karen Spicher, Yale University (MLA)
  • Bruce Tabb, University of Oregon (RBMS)
  • Charlotte Wolfe, University of Michigan (MLA)